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The final episode of Attack on Titan Season 2 was finally released, and it was quite the action-packed finale. The show started off with a bang as the Colossal Titans appeared and destroyed Wall Maria. Eren Yeager and the other members of the 104th Training Corps were immediately called into action, and they had to fight tooth and nail to save their wall. The finale saw a lot of intense fighting between the Colossal Titans and Armored Titans, as well as between the Survey Corps and the Titans themselves.
While it was a great episode overall, there were some flaws that needed to be addressed. For example, there were some inconsistencies in the timeline throughout the episode. This caused some confusion for viewers, which made it difficult to follow what was happening. Additionally, there were also some errors in character development that needed to be corrected. For example, Eren Yeager wasn’t very cocky at the beginning of the episode; he should have been more confident in himself.

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