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In the tenth episode of Attack on Titan: The Final Season, Gai and Falco have to deal with the Yeagers. Unfortunately for them, their search leads them right to the doorstep of Eren Yeager. After learning of his family’s dark history, the Survey Corps has finally determined that he is the one they were looking for. With his friends by his side, Eren makes his way to safety and learns a great deal about himself…and about Titans.
The episode opens with Gai and Falco finally getting to the Yeager basement. They learn from Marley that Eren is Exactly What They Were Looking For and sets out to find him. Unfortunately for them, they’re quickly met with trouble. The Yeagers had been keeping all of Eren’s family alive in order to make him their candidate for the seven Titans. Now that he’s finally here, they want nothing to do with him.
To make matters worse, the Survey Corps is also on their trail. The group must quickly find a way to get rid of them before they can reach Eren.
The battle against the Survey Corps is intense but ultimately successful. Gai and Falco are able to save their friend and comrade, Eren Yeager, and preserve humanity’s freedom while they still can.

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