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It’s been a few weeks since the last episode of Attack on Titan, and it’s safe to say that the show has not slowed down one bit. In this latest episode, we get our first look at the new characters in the world of the Titans, as well as some resolution to some old plot lines.

As always, the action is intense and full of bombings and shootings. And while some of the new characters are less developed than others, they all seem to be making an impact. We especially like Yeager, who seems to have taken on a more lead role in this season. He’s passionate about his work and is determined to find a way to stop Marley and his forces. Unfortunately for Yeager, he’s up against powerful opponents who will do whatever it takes to achieve their goals.

Overall, I’m really looking forward to next week’s episode, which promises more exciting developments for everyone on Paradis.

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