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In Attack on Titan: The Final Season, the Yeagers finally have their hands on the truth about the Titans. However, things quickly go wrong for them as Eren and the rest of the Survey Corps arrive to investigate. With Eren in control, they must quickly find a way to stop him before he destroys everything. In this episode, we get our first look at what happens when the Yeagers attempt to flee and meet up with Eren.
As you might expect, the fight is brutal and it’s clear that Eren is not going to be gentle with his opponents. It seems as though he’s ready to pounce on any Eldian in sight – no matter who they are. Thankfully, Gai and Armin are there to help support the Yeagers as they try to escape. In addition, new characters like Sasha and Mikasa join forces with the Yeagers in order to stop Eren before he destroys Paradis.

Overall, this episode was action packed and definitely answered some of the questions fans had about what happened during Attack on Titan Season 4. It seems that everything is finally coming together for Marley and his cohorts as they try to take downEren Yeager. This season finale was definitely an eventful one and left us feeling very satisfied with how things ended.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 3 English Dubbed Online

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